Feed additive

Pro XP

ProXP is Molasses yeast fermentation by product, it is the most cost effective material for aqua feed now. ProXP can replace sodium humate and some organic acid in feed. The functions of ProXP are known as resistant to enteritis and hemostasis. The main composition Pro XP is crude protein, biochemical fulvic acid, mos, beta glucan, and organic mineral.

Biochemical Fulvic Acid (BFA) is indicating the formation of natural humic acid, inoculated with a variety of microbial strains in organic material medium, according to a specific biooxidation reaction to form BFA rapidly.

Main function :
1. Immunity
2. Anti-inflammatory, biochemical fulvic acid can adjust the trace elements associated with inflammation and improve the activity of superoxide dismutase, improve immune function, cells or viruses produce powerful resistance.
3. Antibacterial effect, better than antibiotics, and without any side effects.
4. Improve enzyme activity
5. Toxin absorption, can be adsorbed intestinal bacterial toxins, rot gas and harmful substances, convergence, diarrhea and regulate the role of intestinal acid.
6. Anti stress and anti virus
Packaging : 25 Kg

Pro HB

Pro HB is a brewer' s yeast hydrolysate. The main composition Pro HB is acid soluble protein, mos, beta glucan, and nucleic acid. Main function :
1. Protein source
2. High utilization
3. Immunity
4. Moneral absorption
5. Growth performance
6. Intestinal health
7. Attractant and palatability
Packaging : 25 Kg

Hepatron 85%

The functional component of the product Hepatron 85% is betaine. Betaine or trimethylglycine is a methylated derivate of glycine, a bipolar molecule with three methyl groups (CH3). Hepatron 85% is the optimized combination of two different betaine sources.

Main function :
1. Betaine hydrochloride – to fiulfill the important function as a methyl group donor
2. Betaine anhydrous – also for covering the function as a methyl group donor. Additionally, it is able to offer highly effective physiological benefits due to its osmoregulatory effect.
Packaging : 25 Kg

Premium Egg

Premium egg is a source of minerals that can improve laying performance, which contains organic minerals such as Mn, Zn, and Fe.

Main function :
Improve eggshell quality such as eggshell thickness and color thereby reducing the number of cracked eggs
Packaging : 25 Kg


ProMOS (Yeast MOS), selected excellent saccharomyces cerevisiae as raw material, it is produced through the advanced enzymatic extraction process and finally separate the high purity yeast cell wall. It is rich in β-1,3 / 1,6-glucan and MOS, it is a kind of functional immunity enhancer & toxin binder.

Main function :
1. MOS, a kind of nutrients for intestine beneficial bacteria, it can improve intestine microflora structure, improve intestine health
2. MOS can agglutinate pathogens from digestive tract, as scavenger, improve intestine health and animals immunity
3. Beta-glucan can effectively improve animals immunity, anti stress & disease ability 4. Beta-glucan can effectively absorb toxins, especially Aflatoxins, Zearalenone, T-2 toxins etc..
Packaging : 25 Kg


Genbiom uses the internationally advanced technology of nanometer photocatalysis; specifically, it actives oxygen and water content absorbed on the surface of material through using the effect of titanium dioxide (Ti02) seminoconductor to generate the active OH radicals (OH) and superoxide anion radicals (02-). These radicals are transformed into a kind of active substance with safe chemical energy, which can mineralize and degrade the environmental pollutants and kill and inhibit the bacteria.

Main function :
1. Remove ammonia
2. Reduce humidity
3. Sterilization, eradication parasites
4. Maintain acidic environment
5. Reduce dosage of chemical disinfectant
Packaging : 2.5 Kg & 25 Kg


The main composition Hy-bond is polymethylolcarbamid, which is used in helping to improve the quality of animal feed. Main function Hy-Bond as pellet binder
Packaging : 25 Kg

Mycoguard Plus

Mycoguard Plus has the main ingredients that can bind mycotoxin in feed, namely aluminosilicate and yeast. In addition, Mycoguard plus is safe because it does not bind vitamins, amino acids, and other nutrients to the feed.

Main function :
1. Increase the ability to bind toxins
2. Increase the body's natural defenses from livestock
3. Promotes the growth of good bacteria in the digestive tract
Packaging : 25 Kg


Strongking is a supplement given through drinking water with mineral and vitamin contents with a balanced composition.

Main function :
1. Increase bone strength so as to produce a stronger body frame
2. Increase the thickness of the shells
Packaging : 1 L & 5 L